Garden City is almost entirely encompassed by Boise City, yet it remains its own independent municipality. Originally part of the Oregon Trail, Garden City was a crossway for many people traveling west. One such group was a handful of Chinese immigrants coming to the west to search for gold. They chose to take up farming instead. The gardens that the Chinese created give Garden City its name. The only main street through Garden City is named Chinden Boulevard. Chinden came about by combining the word "China", "Chin", with "Garden", “den".

When Boise banned gambling in 1949 Garden City was officially named a separate municipality. Some types of gambling are still legal in Garden City, particularly horse racing. Garden City is a bustling town with an eccentric flair. It’s home to many artisans and craftsman. The Zion Warne Glassblowing Studio will give you a first-hand look at the beautiful art available and you can try your own hand at blowing glass in one of their classes. There are also several wineries and breweries throughout Garden City, making the area a lively place for a night out.

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