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I was born and lived in the Midwest until graduating high school. Two of my passions are travel and history. That being the case, joining the army and requesting to be stationed in Germany seemed like a good start. Using Germany as a base, I visited and explored much of western Europe. Next up, a completed BA in history at the University of Minnesota, including a year of study abroad in England. This whetted my appetite for more travel and adventure. So, for the next 19 months, I traveled around the world a couple of times. This included many interesting places: Australia, SE Asia, India, China, Africa, the Soviet Union, and Europe once again. A great adventure! Settling back in the USA it was time to get a job. Together with a college friend we started a transportation company. During the operation of the company I managed to visit all corners of our great country. Throughout these periods I worked on another one of my hobbies, collecting and cultivating friendships with a diverse group of interesting and fun people. 
Owning and managing my transport company for over twenty-five years allowed me ample opportunity to hone skills in time management, precision to detail, negotiating, overcoming obstacles, and creating run on sentences. I found that kindness, patience, and a dash of humor are quite helpful tools in business, in life and whilst buying and selling homes.  
 10 years ago, I followed my sister to Boise. My only regret is that I had not moved to the Treasure Valley sooner. I absolutely love it here. Camping, rafting, hiking, biking (mountain and road) snowboarding, skiing, paddle boarding, are some of the outdoor activities I along with many Boiseans, enjoy. When not using my exceptional, outgoing personality to help folks buy or sell their home, I can be found in and around the lively, safe and clean downtown, or at one of the many parks along the pristine Boise river.
Having been all over the world, and the United States, I can honestly say Boise is a most wonderful place in which to live and invest. So, if you are moving across town, the state, country or an Ocean, let’s get together and have a bit of fun while fulfilling your real-estate needs. 


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